stopping makes you unstoppable

Is your soul asking for more room and attention? 

Time to take a pause.

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Permission to Pause Gift Box

This box is designed with rituals and objects to help you-- or a loved one-- create a sacred space for recharge, reflection, and renewal.

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Essential Oil Blend

The Pausibility Blend is exclusively designed for Pause Box using the finest essential oils from doTERRA.

Use this blend during sacred ritual, intention-setting, meditation, journaling, visualizations, and connecting with your inner creator.

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Alter Card Subscription

With a purchase of a Pause Box Alter Cards Subscription, you get a monthly program that makes space for clarity and intention.

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1:1 Breakthrough Session

Our Rip & Reveal intuitive breakthrough session will leave you feeling clear and open to possibility. Plus, you’ll have at least one concrete step to take in the direction of your desire. And, I'll be here to hold you to it. (lovingly, of course!)

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As a self-employed woman who’s also getting my advanced degree, I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. Using the Alter Bag helps me find time to stop myself, step back and reset my day. I’m investing in my own wellbeing and I consider this a self-care essential. Plus, I’m excited to get it through the mail.

Sara from Pennsylvania

There’s something special about bringing pause to your doorstep. Having the tangible bag and items is a visual reminder to come home to yourself and feel more peaceful. 

Manda from Wisconsin

Our culture needs to slow down. I love how this supports slower living. It helps me take a breath and be grounded. 

Catherine from Canada

As a busy entrepreneur, it can be really challenging to stay consistent in your mindset practice. I find myself appreciating the support of regular prompts to help me keep momentum. Also, I like that the Alter Bag meets you wherever you are--and it’s perfect for travel. 

Veronica from Vermont

This helps you pause, center and recalibrate. 

Sarah from Louisiana

This is for people who know they need to step back and take a break. They need something accessible and easy and available whenever they have time.  This is a really good tool to establish a habit of self-care. I would use this as a welcome gift for my coaching clients. 

Audrey from Georgia

This is for busy people like me who think they don’t have time to connect with themselves. My house right now is chaotic, there’s no space to be sacred. Alter cards can go anywhere. It’s a portable way of connecting with yourself. I like that it’s very tangible. 

Karyn from Illinois

As a long-time meditator, this helps me renew, deepen and be more present. It’s a gentle way to find a quiet space. I like that I don’t have to leave home. 

Christy from Arkansas