Rip & Reveal Intuitive Breakthrough Session

Rip & Reveal Intuitive Breakthrough Session

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Are you ready to design your next chapter but you’re not sure which path to take?

Are you stuck overthinking?

Are you tired of sitting on the fence waiting?

Time to get clear

In our one-on-one Rip & Reveal session, I’ll show you how to call on your intuition to get the input you need to get clear and start taking inspired action toward the life you desire –not someday, right now.

Rip & Reveal is the centerpiece of my virtual Recharge and Get Clear retreats. In it, I show you how to use random input to intuitively answer questions that are up for you right now.

Basically, the Rip & Reveal technique can be applied to any decision or question you feel stuck on or want a nudge in the right direction from your inner guide. 

Think of it as your own personalized reading but that instead of consulting an outside expert, you’re consulting your inner expert. And, once you know the technique, you can use it on your own any time you need clarity on a difficult decision.

What's your question?

Here are some of the questions past participants have used in their Rip & Reveal, maybe one speaks to where you're at right now?

  • What if I change what I’m doing for work?
  • How can I heal an important relationship in my life?
  • What if I opened up to the possibility of a new partner?
  • What kind of leader do I need to be in order to thrive in this next role?
  • What if I pursued my passion in [blank]?
  • What's holding me back from stepping into a new role or relationship?
  • What is no longer serving me and needs to go?
  • What's the big picture or theme for my business / relationship / health in 2021?


Our Rip & Reveal intuitive breakthrough session will leave you feeling recharged, clear, and open to possibility. Plus, you’ll have at least one concrete step to take in the direction of your desire. And, I'll be here to hold you to it. (lovingly, of course!)

Here's what people are saying about Rip & Reveal Sessions:

“I recommend this experience for anyone who is unsure, feels stuck or overwhelmed by a decision you need to make or direction you need to go.”     --Anna from Illinois
"Meredith gets right to the heart of what’s going on for you with her “Rip & Reveal” session. It brings to light exactly what you need to see. Her spot-on intuitive perception, blended with her spark of fun and creativity, makes this a lively, enlightening, in-depth experience. I highly recommend working with Meredith to anyone who is seeking clarity in their lives." --Manda from Wisconsin
"The session confirmed things for me and gave me a greater comfort level for taking action." --Jim from San Francisco
"The Rip & Reveal was fun and insightful. It allowed me to consider new ways and opportunities to approach questions I had not been able to receive clarity about." --Allison from Salt Lake City

Your Clarity Catalyst and Guide

Hi, I'm Meredith Vaish, Creator of Pause Box. I believe one of the most powerful ways to get clear and move forward is to take a break. I'm on a mission to help creators, do-ers, and improvers break free from the confusion and overwhelm of today’s always-on culture. Let me show you how to reconnect to your power through intuition so you can hear what's true for you, then take inspired action to create the life you love.